MSA: school management releases half-yearly result for its students

PALAMAU: MSA Public School on Saturday releases its half-yearly results. Though, the school management has set up an online exam due to Covid-19 and enthusiastic participations were observed in.

In order to motivate the students, the management has distributed bags for awards to them considering the various parameters i.e., on good handwritings etc. Those who performed outstanding in their classes awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Speaking on the occasion, Shafique Ansari, MD of the school urges the parents to encourage the wards to perform in order in their respective fields. Students must be inspired to acquire more knowledge, not only in education, but other aspects of the life as well, he added.

Shafique said that its parent’s duty to make their wards diverse in all areas which directly linked with children’s future. It could be Sports, Extra Curriculum activities, Drawing etc.

Those who awarded are- Shweta, Rajan, Roshani, Aftab Ansari, Shrikant, Alisha Naaz, Rupa Tirki, Satish, Qadir, Shaheen etc. And several parents were gathered also on this spot.