Stress Awareness Day Celebrated at British Lingua

NEW DELHI: In a simple yet meaningful function, Stress Awareness Day was held at British Lingua, Delhi on the first Wednesday of November this year to mark the occasion with a message of being conscious about a healthy life.  Remarkably, Stress Awareness Day (SAD) was established in 1998 by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) to provide information on the subject and the solution to it.

“Stress eats into us, reducing our lifespan whereas being happy enhances it.  Life absent stress is practically beyond imagination but tackling stressful situations is a real management science which each of us should be aware of. What makes our life stress-free includes proper planning, sagacity and an understanding of the right person, the right time, and the right place while dealing with each of them”, said noted author and British Lingua managing director Dr Birbal Jha speaking on the occasion.

 “The spate of cases of the coronavirus pandemic has taught us a lot about health and financial management wherein time management is something big for one and all”, added Dr Birbal Jha, the author of ‘Celebrate Your Life’.

“However, at a certain juncture of life, we excel in doing something under stress as we remain under compulsion to achieve our target and goal fixed before us. But then planning, coordination and being skilled make things easier. In fact, according to science, chronic stress leads to impaired cognitive and physiological functions. Let’s have the ability to choose one thought over another and let the stress ebb away.”, averred Dr Jha.

“Identifying issues that pose potential stress and threats to us and working for a solution in this direction can reduce our anxiety, making things better.  Some sorts of stress motivate you to perform better, encourage growth, and give meaning to your life. Differentiating between good and bad stress is crucially important for a healthy life. However, going for comfort eating is not a solution but an addition to anxiety and obesity.”, added Dr Jha acknowledged as the ‘Youngest Living Legend of Mithila’ through a book written on him.

Citing the proverb ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, Dr Jha put stress on the fact that communication skills play a vital role in stress- alleviation and avoidance.  The program concluded with participants bursting into rounds of laughter.