Taxpayers Association chief Manu Gaur meets UP Law and Justice minister

LUCKNOW: Manu Gaur, president of Taxpayers Association of India (TAI) on Sunday meets Brajesh Pathak, Law and Justice minister of Uttar Pradesh government and handed-over the memorandum to him.

He has been raising this issue of Population explosion for last ten years on different platforms in the country. The root of all problems afflicting India today lies in its population explosion, he said

The memorandum enlists the demand of population control in state to have a better utilization of money being given by citizen as tax. He emphasis the need of resources as per the inhabitants so that their livelihood will be better.

Manu Gaur asked the state government to restrict the benefits having more than two children in a family. This move will help to reduce the high growth of population and rightfully use of resources.

The current pace of uncontrolled population can be dangerous for the country in long run, which must be stopped. It is appreciable that government has begun thinking of controlling it is right move, he added.