‘Stochastic Terrorism’ continues, Another Hindu Killed by Islamists, While Others Defying its ‘Roots’

In a bloodcurdling incident, Islamists mercilessly hacked a Hindu man in Udaipur to death for his social media post supporting former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who was at the centre of a raging controversy after Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair dog whistled her for her comments on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The deceased, a Hindu man and a tailor by profession, had posted a social media post in solidarity with Nupur Sharma about ten days ago. Since then, he was at the receiving end of the Islamist wrath, receiving a constant stream of death threats for simply extending his support to a lady targeted by the extremists provoked by Mohammed Zubair.

The man also approached police and filed a complaint with them over the unending barrage of death threats he was receiving from the bloodthirsty mob of Islamists. Then, on Tuesday, enraged Muslim fundamentalists barged into his shop in broad daylight and inflicted several blows with a sharp weapon and slit his throat. The video of the attack has since surfaced online, where the assailants can be seen attacking the victim with sharp weapons.

Kanhaiyalal Teli, (40), was a tailor and owned a shop named Supreme Tailors near the Bhootmahal located in Dhanmandi. On Tuesday, two bike-borne miscreants stopped at his shop and entered inside. One after the other, they unleashed their murderous rage on Teli, attacking him with sharp weapons more than half a dozen times, leading to his death. Thereafter, the two miscreants fled away”.

A fall out of a self-proclaimed fact-checker perilous against Hindus lives

With Teli’s murder, the Islamists extracted the first pound of flesh after being triggered by Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair, who sparked a raging controversy after sharing a truncated video of Nupur Sharma’s comments on Times Now debate and accused her of making derogatory remarks against the Islamic Prophet.

Before long, the controversy gained epic proportions and transcended national boundaries as Arab countries made unsolicited comments, causing a diplomatic nightmare for India’s mission in the Persian Gulf. Islamists took to the streets, running riot and indulging in vandalism, and arson against what they perceived as an insult to Prophet Muhammad. Protest marches calling for the beheading of Nupur Sharma were carried out as participants shouted “sar tan se juda” chants against Nupur Sharma. In one instance, her effigy was left hanging from a cable, reminding Hindus of the fate that awaits them should they dare cite authentic and reliable Islamic Hadiths to comment on Prophet Muhammad”.

While Islamists went on a rampage on the streets in many cities across the country, it was essentially Mohammed Zubair who was responsible for kindling a fire that had gone on to assume uncontrollable proportions. It was Zubair’s dog-whistling that made a mountain out of a molehill and painted a target behind the back of Nupur Sharma and anyone and everyone who came out in her support.

And so, Teli was a marked man the moment he came out in support of Nupur Sharma. Islamists, provoked by Mohammed Zubair, dished out death threats to him for what they considered an unpardonable sin committed against Prophet. And days later, the Hindu man was killed for something as trivial as just sharing a social media post in support of Nupur Sharma.

Rise of ‘Stochastic Terrorism’ in India Against Hindus

Even though the Islamists on the ground were responsible for killing him, the buck does not stop there. They were puppets working at the behest of their masters, who were equally blameworthy for goading them into murdering Teli. In essence, Mohammed Zubair’s dog-whistling against Nupur Sharma instigated Islamists, who then went on to kill Teli for his support to the former BJP leader.

This makes Mohammed Zubair guilty of ‘stochastic terrorism’, a concept defined as the public demonisation of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted. It was Mohammed Zubair who spearheaded a campaign against Nupur Sharma, accusing her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad and letting loose an army of Islamists against her that ultimately snuffed out the life of Teli”.

The horrifying killing of the Udaipur tailor comes a day after Delhi Police arrested Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair for hurting religious sentiments. The police acted on the basis of a complaint filed against him by a Twitter user who cited the notorious fact-checker’s old tweet where he had a derogatory reference to Lord Hanuman.

‘Liberals’, attempting to paint Mohammed Zubair a victim of State’s Tyranny

No sooner did the news of Zubair’s arrest trickled out on social media, than the left-liberal cabal proceeded to paint him as a victim of state oppression. Leaning on misinformation and the belief in the potency of the left ecosystem to propagate lies, the ‘liberal’ commentariat alleged that Mohammed Zubair was arrested for exposing hate speech, cunningly concealing the fact he was arrested on the charges of hurting the religious sentiments through his disparaging tweets, which he deleted a few days ago.

However, this nugget of information was superfluous for the liberals, who are hellbent on branding Zubair as a victim of political vendetta, in an attempt to leverage his arrest to attack the Modi government and accuse them of being intolerant of “dissent”.

A raft of leftists lost their sleep over Zubair’s arrest, with many of those who were until a few days ago batting in favour of blasphemy law suddenly made a turnabout and held forth on how his arrest is an assault on the individual right of ‘Freedom of Expression’. Aspersions were raised on the identity of the complainant and the motivations of the Delhi Police to insinuate that the law enforcement agencies acted in malice and that Zubair’s arrest was a ploy to “suppress dissent”.

But Zubair’s “dissenting” views as the leftists would proclaim, have real-life consequences as manifested in the brutal murder of the Hindu man in Udaipur. The cold-blooded murder of a Hindu man is a direct result of the provocation that Mohammed Zubair touched off against Nupur Sharma for defending her faith in a news debate where a fellow panellist felt no qualms in deriding the Shivling discovered at the controversial Gyanvapi site.

Even as the ‘journalists’, opposition politicians, including Congress leaders, seek to exculpate Mohammed Zubair, what transpired at Udaipur, where Islamists ruthlessly murdered a Hindu man for extending his support to Nupur Sharma, is a reflection of the dangerous fallout of the Alt News co-founder’s dog-whistling antics.