Brutality Revealed in Post-mortem of Kanhaiya Lal, Hacked over to death 24 times

RAJSTHAN: On Wednesday, the post-mortem report of a deceased Kanhaiya Lal, who was killed by the Islamists in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district revealed that he was attacked 26 times on his body from his neck to shoulder. Kanhaiya Lal, after being attacked with sharp weapons, died due to excessive bleeding.

According to the reports, the deceased was stabbed 7 to 8 times specifically on his neck while he had more than 24 injury marks on his entire body. He was killed by two radical Islamists who have been identified as Mohammed Riyaz Akhtar and Gos Mohammed. The duo killed Kanhaiya Lal for sharing a social media post in support of ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

Reports further stated that Kanhaiya’s hand was cut too during the attack. Due to repeated attacks by the sharp weapons, multiple blood vessels in his body had been severed, causing excessive bleeding and death. Images of Kanhaiya Kumar’s body lying in a large pool of blood have been going viral on social media.

Reports mention that the victim was being threatened previously for sharing a social media post in support of Sharma. He continued to receive death threats since his 8-year-old son had accidentally shared the post from Kanhaiya Lal’s mobile.

Reportedly, the Police had also arrested Kanhaiya Lal in the past for his social media post. Even after arresting Kanhaiya Lal, the murderers were threatening to intimidate him and kill him. On this, the victim had informed the Dhanmandi police station and requested protection, but the police did not take the matter seriously.

On June 29, the wife of the deceased confirmed that Kanhaiya Lal was being threatened by the Islamists. She said that her husband had stopped going to his tailoring shop due to the continuous death threats. It is on June 28 that he resumed work and was brutally killed by the Islamists.

According to Kanhaiya Lal’s wife, the two radical Islamists had disguised as customers and entered the shop of the deceased. While the 48-year-old was busy taking the measurements, one of the accused attacked him with a large knife. The other one blatantly shot the entire act. Videos of the murder have been viral on social media. The duo had later made another video displaying their knives and declaring that they plan to kill PM Modi too.

Reports mention that the name and location of Kanhaiya Lal was leaked by his neighbour Nazim on WhatsApp who had also filed a complaint against Kanhaiya Lal for his alleged post in support of Nupur Sharma. Nazim on Tuesday made viral the name, photograph, and location of Kanhaiya, making it easy for the murderers to locate him near the Bhoot Mahal on Maldas Street in Udaipur. The two brutal killers were however arrested from the neighbouring district of Rajsamand.

The mortal remains of the deceased arrived at his native place after the post-mortem report. Reportedly, several people joined the funeral procession of Kanhaiya Lal before he was cremated today.

The Police in the case have asked the cyber police stations across the city to intensify social media monitoring and flag posts, images, and videos with the potential to inflame communal tension. The Police have also issued prohibitory orders and have banned gathering of more than four or five persons across the state for a month. Internet services have been suspended for the next 24 hours. The HMO has initiated an NIA investigation in the case.