Nationalism Is In Our Core; Prashant Patel Umrao

Establishing his uniqueness as a ‘torch-bearer’ of justice and equality in legal domain. Prashant Patel Umrao, an advocate in the Supreme Court of India, who also has been vocal on several issues that related to India as whole. For him ‘Nation First’ above everything the country’s interest should be the paramount.

While, in recent days – there have been several debates on Nationalism, Anti-Nationals elements which trying to damage the reputation of the country on global level. Since 2014, the BJP came to power, a section is prejudiced to the country which claimed to be unsafe in the country, however, the same section has been still enjoying the same liberty now, or even more to that. Here are the excerpts from conversation.

How do you see the current state of mind of the people in the country and the globe?

You see! Indianness have open these days – there was a inferior complex in the mind of people before that they were not opening up, somehow a set mentality was that not to expose (Hinduism) themselves at any forum etc. This has changed completely after Narendra Modi came into power in 2014. The leftists had been able to paralyse the Indianness at great extent, now the people are no longer confined to past, which was created by the left media outlets. The new generation are utterly reorganised themselves which is now exposing every lie erected by the leftist narration war, so that’s good sign for India as whole.

The eruption of ‘Social Media’ has become another hell for them. Now, the left has no control over the “Gyan” which they claimed to be. The lies are busted within a few minutes by the generation and that is why a selective media has gone out of its relevance gradually.

A term is being phenomenal these days – Nationalism Vs Anti-Nationalism. How do you see to that?

 Hinduism has not started yet, hence they cannot be attributed for this. Those, who attempt to defame it, are in hot water. The Hindus are amicable by its nature. They even go and worship to other religions such as ‘Mazar, churches etc. However, you cannot expect this gesture from other side. Notwithstanding to the fact, the Hindus are still blamed for and this is not fair at all. Today, India has moved forward and those were in power have been exposed before its people.

Therefore, they are not able to digest as they feel uprooted from the ground which is extremely important to reflect it now. Referring to Nationalism Vs Anti-Nationalism. There was a set narration which has now been unmasked, therefore, the agenda setters are fearing for their irrelevances. So, there is an attempt to create a propaganda is being promulgated.

What is ‘Love-Jihad and Hindu-phobic’ in your eyes?

The term ‘Love-Jihad’ was first pioneered by VS Achuthanandan, then CM of Kerala. In a press conference, he had said that Muslim fundamentalists in the state were trying to increase their clout by encouraging conversions. He also alleged that a lot of money was being pumped into the state to attract the youth and provide them with weapons; they are also persuaded to marry Hindu girls.

There has been liberty in India to marry – however, the issue here is that someone hides his identity and get married to other than his religion. Marriage is an institution in our religion, which is very sacrosanct as ‘Janam -janam ka rista’.

While, the fundamentalists don’t accept this concept and trying to change the demography which is unfair to be opposed, unless there is a consent between the two couple. But, there should not be a breach of trust even, several killings are taking place. There must be a law in place and it is already there, however required some amendments in its existing provisions.

In the light of your questions on being ‘Hindu-phobic’, I would like to state that this has been since independence.