Ex-VP Hamid Ansari, Rants Against ‘Aggressive Nationalism’

NEW DELHI: Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, who had attended program by Islamist fundamentalist group Popular Front of India (PFI), now raging up against ‘aggressive nationalism’.

On Friday, Hamid Ansari, who often displays his love for radical Islamists, displayed his hypocrisy yet again with his latest rants against Hindus and their ‘aggressive nationalism’.

Speaking at the virtual event of senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s book launch ‘The Battle of Belonging’, Ex VP Hamid Ansari, went on to make rhetorical claims saying that in a short space of four years, India made the long journey from the vision of ‘civic nationalism’ to new political imagery of ‘cultural nationalism’.

He claimed that even before the Covid-19 pandemic, society had become a victim of two other pandemics, to which he referred to as ‘religiosity’ and ‘strident nationalism’.

Indorsing Tharoor’s book, Ansari said that “there is a passionate plea for an ideal of India (in the book), an India that was taken for granted by our generation”, which according to him was endangered by “overt and covert ideas and ideologies that seek to segment it on imagined criteria of us and them”.

“Hitherto, our core values were summed up as an existential reality of a plural society, a democratic polity and a secular state structure. These were accepted in the freedom movement, they were incorporated in the Constitution and encapsulated in the preamble of the Constitution,” claimed Ansari saying that the plurality of Indian society is evident from the sociological evidence of 4,635 communities.