Youtuber Karolina Goswami Exposes Dhruv Rathee on World Happiness Report 2021

A popular Youtuber Karolina Goswami, who runs the channel “India in Details”, released a video accusing Dhruv Rathee, allegedly pro-Aam Aadmi Party propagandist and his supporters on Youtube of mentally harassing and abusing her.

In that video, Karolina Goswami accused Dhruv Rathee and his fans of attacking and abusing her after she exposed the misinformation against India by Dhruv Rathee in one of his recent videos on the World Happiness Report 2021.

The World Happiness Report 2021 is released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. It publishes World Happiness Rankings annually, and India was ranked 139 in the 2021 rankings. Last year, India was placed in 144th rank.

“It has been so painful. I think I will never be able to forget this. We are being threatened, and it seems that we are deeply in trouble,” said Karolina Goswami, adding that she was making the video to ask Dhruv Rathee to take the necessary steps to stop this situation from getting worse.

Despite being repeatedly fact-checked by several members, Dhruv Rathee has neither deleted his Youtube video on World Happiness Report 2021, which is full of lies and contradictions nor has he apologised for the same.

As per Goswami, Dhruv Rathee had released a video on the World Happiness Report, 2021 recently. However, in that video, Rathee had displayed a poor understanding of the methodology of rankings and had gone on to propagate misinformation to his viewers.

While Rathee claim that Pakistan was much happier than India, based on the World Happiness Report 2021.

Countering Dhruv Rathee’s video, Goswami had released two videos clearly exposing the poor understanding of Dhruv Rathee on the topic and gave a point-to-point rebuttal to the misinformation pushed by him against India.

In her video, Karolina Goswami explained how Rathee hoodwinked his viewers by misconstruing the methodology of the World Happiness Report to peddle blatant lies against India. Listing out each lie of Rathee in the video, Karolina Goswami had explained how Rathee had erred in understanding the ranking methodology of the report.