VHP Governing Council Meets, Concluded with Resolution to Stop Attacks on Hindu Family System and Ban on Religious Conversion

RAIPUR: The Central Governing Council meet of Vishwa Hindu Parishad concluded in Raipur on Sunday. Talking about the meeting, VHP’s Central Working President and Senior Advocate Alok Kumar expressed concern over the all-round attacks on the Hindu family system and increasing incidents of love jihad and illegal religious conversions.

We have decided that the Bajrang Dal will take out nationwide Shaurya Jagran Yatras from September 30 to October 14. Through these yatras, Hindus living in every corner of the country will be organized and enabled to deal with these problems, the statement said.

The revered saints will undertake country-wide tours to connect peoples with families and families to social and national values of life around this Diwali, he said.

Releasing the copy of the resolution, passed in the meeting, on the Hindu family system, to the media, the VHP Working President said that in the last few decades, our strong family system has been deeply hurt by the entertainment world, academicians, inspired by anti-Hindu ideologies, Court decisions and materialistic mentalities. Resulting thereby, this unique system which ‘connects a person to family, Kutumba, Society & Nation and takes him to the welfare of the world’, is muddled and disintegrated.

It has been said in the resolution that ‘lack of values in children, the looseness of the younger generation and the plight of the elderly are at the root of the erosion of the family system.’ VHP has requested all the governments to make their constructive contribution in strengthening this system while making education policy or framing family related laws.

The Censor Board and the Governments have been urged to discharge their responsibilities in this regard with more ‘alertness and sensitivity’. In the resolution, the judiciary is also expected to keep this in mind, in its decisions. It has also been said to Hindu families that persons bound to live in nuclear families should also have contact with their original family (Kutumba) at regular intervals, associate with the places of ancestors, family gatherings, collective hymns, charity, service work, festivals, pilgrimages etc.

There is a need to pay special attention to the use of mother tongue, insistence on Swadeshi etc. Along with this, it has also been said that sacrifice, self-control, love, intimacy, cooperation and mutual complementarity and a virtuous life are the foundation stones of a happy family. The entire society, especially the young generation has been called upon to take necessary steps to keep this precious system more and more ‘alive, lively and cultured’.

Announcing the decisions take in the meeting, Alok Kumar said that the Shaurya Jagran Yatras of Bajrang Dal will be taken out across the country at the block level with the special focus to connect the young generation. Apart from the expansion of its Bal Sanskar Kendras, VHP will also expand conducting examinations on Gita/Ramayana etc., in schools and colleges throughout the country.

237 office bearers from all 44 Prants (provinces) across the country and the world participated in the 2 days long meeting.