AI-Powered Mobile App for Mock Tests for JEE Main, NEET Candidates; Union HRD Minister

NEW DELHI: Union Human Resource Development Ministry launched a mobile app named ‘National Test Abhyas’. The Mobile App has been developed by NTA to enable candidates to take mock tests for upcoming exams such as JEE Main, NEET under the NTA’s purview. This will also facilitate the candidates to access high quality mock tests in the safety and comfort of their homes, as there was a huge demand by the students and teaching faculties due to ongoing nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19.

Students across the country can use the App to access high quality tests, free of cost, in a bid to be fully prepared for the upcoming JEE, NEET and other competitive exams. The tests can be easily downloaded.
Once students download the app, they will need to sign-up or register with some basic details, create a free account, and then start accessing mock tests free of cost for their selected examinations.

The app will make available practice tests on smartphones or computers for all students in India irrespective of their level of access to devices and quality of network. The app also has an offline mode where students can attempt the test without the internet. The app works on Android-based smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The app will be soon available on iOS also.

Addition to this, the NTA also plans to release one new mock test on the app everyday, which students shall be able to download and attempt the same offline. Once the test is completed, students can go online again to submit the test and view their test report. “It’s evident that one of the app’s major benefits is that once student downloads the test, it works perfectly even without internet connectivity, which will prove advantageous for students even in areas with low bandwidth and remove obstacles in the way of large-scale online test preparation.

The NTA has developed extensive support system at “ It has also instituted live support from 10 AM to midnight for the first seven days of the release to ensure that any issues experienced by student are proactively addressed”, said the HRD Minister, Nishank.