UN Begins with New Initiative To Counter Fake News Regarding Coronavirus

The UN has apparently announced a new initiative on May 21 to bring millions of people together around the world to counter fake-news related to coronavirus pandemic.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres reportedly said that virtual spaces are not safe as lies, fear and hate is spread. Guterres added that misnformation spreads online, through messaging apps and person to person communication. He also added that its creators use savvy production and distribution methods.

UN is also aiming to spread fact-based accurate and authentic information and advice to their networks of family and friends.

Mr. Guterres also warned that the extremist groups are taking advantage of COVID-19 lock downs to intensify social media efforts to spread hatred and novice young people who are spending more time online.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, he said, one of every five young people was not getting an education, training or working, and one of every four was affected by violence or conflict. And he lamented that every year, 12 million girls become mothers when they are still children.

Guterres told in Security Council meeting on youth, peace and security that “these frustrations and, frankly, failures to address them by those in power today, fuel declining confidence in political establishments and institutions.”