Teachers Day Special: Profoundly Beholden To Those Who Transformed Me Far-Widen

Almost 30 years ago when I was growing from childhood saw lot of shifts within the sphere. Some of them were highly unlikely to follow, however, in a very young one mightn’t have sense to judge and act; subsequently the realisations come to help us to understand and act substantially in the wake of a ‘Civilisation Change’.

Quoting it, seems not prudent at many ways, but yes at the age of 10 and more is – from one dimension to another makes big differences at all forum; be it family, friends circles, schools, colleges, workplaces and even in society.

Individual goals have been juxtaposed against societal and national priorities. Subsequently, paranoia, institutional bonhomie and fallacies from aggressive pursuits have resulted in civilisational collapses: the recent outburst of mass resentment against national interest, public outcry contradicting government and democratic values as witnessed in the most advanced and so-called civilisations are but a tip of the iceberg.

“Sensibility changes from age to age but the genius alters the ways of expressions” to which I undoubtedly believe in – starting from the college in 2001 as a student/learner then gradually turned as receptive, all these happened without being into the consciousness and if I would have liberty to confess so. I have had been less individuals with whom I learnt and that begin with my mother first, then primary school teachers late Shri Ambika Guruji, we called our teachers as “Guruji” then in high school, Siraj Ahmed Ansari, Gaya Pandey, Ashutosh Sirs etc.

In college days, Dr. Razi Ahmed, Prof S.C. Mishra, Dr. Ranjan Kumar, Prof. Ayub Sir etc were my professors to whom I learnt during those stints. Many of these names appeared to be departure from this world, however, their immortal memories remain with me till the end of the era that would adventure me. So are and forth, there are some more that I got in the journeys until joined to the core of these learnings aspects which is none other than to become economically viable, since the materialistic world has just begun with.

In stint as career ‘Journalism’ in 2004 is one of the leading newspapers got a new teacher as Upendra Pandey, Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Sinha, Nalini Sinha, Uttam Kumar, Tarun Bajaj, Ram Bahadur Sir, MJ Akbar, Philip Delizi, Raus Tailor, Ginne Phasse and over a dozen of my teachers who nurtured until I become part of Corporate hierarchy in 2009.

“Every progressive society braces itself for the unforeseen tomorrow. That’s how civilisation lives up to the next generation’s challenges. When it comes to education fuelled by erudition, the pitfalls are deeper and wider”.

Over the last millennia, leading through literary and erudite technological and ideational blossoming, we have witnessed many unprecedented springs of intelligence, that have deflected the gloom and shrouds of failures which could otherwise hurt our motives and missions. Despite resplendent milestones and iridescent flavours of life, it is undeniable that our educational motives and goals have been at crossroads”

Changing dimension is always challenging and when one comes from entirely different world of imaginations and creativities, however, in corporate farse and facts have its own place, and to assort with this takes time and sometime costs inventively.  Ritu Ranjan was first accepting the challenge and make me learn and grow within.

Subsequently, it goes on and on – R Chandrasekaran ‘my then CDM’ was possibly the last who influenced me till 2018. Indeed, had a disturbing memory being a guide, however, would them to thank along. As atleast this makes to believe and harden me to endure that world is not a place to survive without something which one cant allow to make it happen or let the irrational expectations be fulfilled.

The trust deficit is rampant at all levels today and often propels to spoil social, national and global peace. Teachers as catalysts can alone contribute to classroom revolutions. They need to respect the conventional and initiate metamorphosis beyond textbooks. Probably it’s time for all to value the ages-old wisdom without turning away from gen-next essentials.

Last but not the least as on today September 05, 2022 it is Bijendra Dahiya who continuously guided to resolve when you are surrounded by unguided missiles that may turned upside down inexcusably. Being with him for almost three years. This has given me immense pleasure in the journey in learning or renaissance which is highly unlikely and the least to go more about. The more I would say, the least will apply to; nonetheless the trust comes with the passage of times and the approach that one’s follow through.

While the yesteryears saw several Renaissance in mass consciousness, propelled by the discreet professional makeover alone. But, today, centuries after the industrial revolution, the ethics seems to be at a crossroads again. To bring up the individual as well as cause mass transformations, this must be the frontier weapon.

At the end “A guru or mentor helps in acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers for reasoning and judgment, and building up an intellectually mature life”.