Tata Steel to reach 2 Million Lives through Its CSR Initiatives by 2025

JHARKHAND: Tata Steel has announced that it plans to reach out to at least two million people annually through its CSR activities and make a difference to their lives by 2025.

In the 2019-20 financial year, the company had reached out to 1.4 million people living in and around its operational areas and made a positive impact on their lives through its continued focus on CSR activities.

“Tata Steel’s signature CSR programmes are designed to create replicable, large-scale models to address the most pressing community challenges on areas such as education, healthcare, tribal identity and livelihood generation,” said a statement issued by the company.

The company is also committed to creating climbable solutions for the populations it serves. “Tata Steel’s overarching vision of an equitable and enlightened society where every individual realises his or her potential with dignity guides the company’s partnerships with, and services to, communities, the statement said.

Sometime back, the company undertook an extensive exercise to understand the perception of communities it intends to serve over the next 10 years. The insights gathered helped the company develop a long-term CSR strategy.