Tata Main Hospital to halt free of cost services to Covid-19 patients from December

JHARKHAND: Tata Main Hospital (TMH) has said that treatment of Covid-19 patients will not be free from December 1. The hospital is run by the Tata Steel which has served more than 3500 covid-19 patients so far without any cost. The charges can be determined basis the patient’s conditions which can be minimum 8 to 12 thousand per day.

Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, advisor, Medical Services, Tata Steel, said in online conference that “Patients admitted to the hospital till November 30 can avail free treatment. however, from December onwards they will have to pay for the treatment cost, which will be as per the government guidelines.”

While, Kulvin Suri, the Chief of Corporate Communications of Tata Steel, told that Tata Steel has spent Rs around 100 crore for the treatment of Covid-19 patients and also in controlling the pandemic in the state. Apart from the treatment cost of Covid-19 patients, the company has also spent on awareness drives to control the transmission of the virus, he added further.

“Though the impact of the virus has reduced effectively, but we still need to be careful. The next 10 days are going to be crucial as it will indicate whether a second surge will come or not. People should continue to take all precautionary measures for their safety. Avoid going to crowded places, wear masks and maintain social distance,” he said.