Sushant’s Death: Film-maker Vivek Agnihotri Exposes Ten Deadly Gangs Of Bollywood

NEW DELHI: Well-known Bollywood filmmaker and director Vivek Agnihotri has posted an eye-opening video where he elucidates on ten deadly gangs that operate Bollywood.

He, very ingeniously, brings to the fore the dark personalities, without mentioning their names, amidst raging controversy over Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death.

Vivek’s presentation exposes the horrific conglomeration of these gangs, which work in tandem to destroy not only talent, but cultural edifice of India.

You must have seen, at least, twice a month, Bollywood is in the news in mainstream media for wrong reasons. Either it is in the news because of crime, or because of illegal activities. And sometimes, because of narcotics and sexual conspiracies, and also because of anti-Hindu narratives and misrepresenting Indian civilisation in films.

I am a widely travelled person and have met many people associated with important film personalities around the world. After interacting with them, I found out that they do not make any film that hurts the soft power of their countries. In fact, most American filmmakers glorify America even though they confess America is not that good a nation. Also, I did not hear from them the underworld connection with their film industries. 

Same is the case with French, German and Polish film industries. They showcase the soft power of their countries in their films. But, Bollywood probably is the only industry which presents India in poor light. It presents India as a country obsessed with crime, immorality and sex. nation.

Of course, there is a lot of corruption in India, but are people who purchase a Rs 300 ticket to watch their films criminals? Probably not. The Indian society by and large is honest and away from criminal and illegal activities.

If this is the case, why is it that Bollywood is gripped with criminal activities?

We must first understand what Bollywood is? Is it an industry or a government? Does it have a CEO? No, it is something like a mall where every kind of persons are running their shops. Some are selling their talent, story, songs, acting and choreography.

And, there are others who hire these talents and make a product, with the help of the mafia. This mafia then takes over and controls Bollywood. They decide on the stars, storyline, and narrative. Generally, the narrative is anti-India and anti-Hindu because they do not have any love towards India.

It is necessary to understand the structure of the mafia. The lowest echelon of the mafia is the associate. To become an associate, the outsider has to prove his loyalty by doing anything, including murdering or indulging in extortion etc. If one succeeds in this mission, he gains an entry into the world of crime. He then gets promoted as a soldier, a caporegime, a consigliere, and a don, ultimately.


The first deadly gang that runs Bollywood is the D-Gang. This gang invests in many films and dictates  terms to filmmakers and distributors. They set the narrative of the films.

White-Collar Gang

The second deadly gang is the white-collar gang. This gang operates in a very different way. They are top-ranking bureaucrats and politicians, who have made huge money by corrupt means. They invest crores of rupees in a film and hopes for its failure, so that they can “enslave” them for their carnal, political or criminal activities. There are many regional parties who do this. Google it and you would get their names.

Nepo Gangs

The third deadly gang is the nepo-gang. This is one of the most dangerous of gang members. They use criminal connections to promote incompetence and mediocrity. There are two kinds of nepo-gangs. They are – the constructive and destructive gangs. The constructive nepo-gang operates to keep careers of star sons r going by investing in them even after they have given a string of flops.

The destructive nepo-gang, which is the fourth gang is one that not only promotes a failed star, but also makes all efforts to crush their rivals, who are extremely talented. There are many such incidents to refer to.

Cheer-Leaders Gang

The fifth gang is the cheer-leaders gang. These gang members are small actors who are satisfied doing cameo roles in films of those stars with whom they are associated with. They usually do the compering at special events or awards ceremonies. They amplify the films of their bosses, even if they have bombed at the box office. They work as hitmen who crush their opponents by bitching in a show or writing blind items against their rivals. Their main objective is to maintain the influence of their bosses intact.

Critics Gang

The sixth gang is the critics gang. They are pretty dangerous people. They control the media. They give their verdict on films before they are released in theatres, which makes them pull a huge clout among filmmakers. Their write ups have a cascading impact on the brand equity of filmmakers and stars.

Kitty Party Gang

The seventh gang is the kitty party gang. It is a unique gang. Mostly, wives of powerful and top-notch filmmakers, make his gang. Their work is – attend kitty parties and bitch against rivals of their husbands.

Sex And Brokers Gangs

The eighth gang is sex gang. This gang belongs to film aspirants, who mostly are heterosexual, but are used by the before-mentioned gangs as gays or lesbians, to keep their clients and stakeholders happy to clinch illegal deals.

Brokers form the ninth gang. They are like the pimps who oil all other gangs to carry out their illegal and criminal activities.

Urban Naxal Gang

The tenth gang is the urban naxal gang. This is the most dangerous gang. It came into existence in 2014. It is anti-India and anti-Hindu. It is always in the hunt of bringing disrepute to Narendra Modi government with its fake narratives.

This gang drives on Tukde-Tukde philosophy of the communists. The communists dream of cutting India into small states to make their work easy to usurp power. They must be nipped in the bud.