SC Lawyers termed Ashwini Upadhyay as a Social Reformer

NEW DELHI: Several lawyers of the supreme court stand with Ashwini Upadhyaya after he was arrested in connection with Jantar – Mantar incident took place on August 08, 2021. Ashwini Upadhyay, who was the chief patron of the Bharat Jodo Aandolan, aiming to bring equality for all regardless of one’s affiliations.

He also started movement against about 222 colonial era acts which still exist in the country and basis which the judgements take place. Upadhyay is of the opinion all these laws have no relevance in the country in 21st century and government should abolish all these acts and bring new laws instead.

Ashwini Upadhyay also filed over 100 PILs (Public Interest Litigations) in High courts and Supreme Court. The prominent PILs which he has filed are Abrogation of Article 370, (35A) in Jammu & Kashmir, Triple Talaq, Uniform Civil Code, Population Control Act, Multiple Marriages Act etc. Therefore, he is also being known as PIL man at great extent.

While speaking to “The Garhwa Post” Upadhyay stated that he arrived at the venue at 11 and delivers his speech and left away around 12 PM on the same day. Later on, a video goes viral in which man shouting alleged communal slogans against a particular community.

As per him, Upadhyay himself files a police complaint against the people sloganeering the same and requested the law enforcement agency to investigate the matter ands bring the culprits to book, however, he was detained by the Delhi Police and arrested thereafter and was also sent to the judicial custody.

Taking the note of the incidents at Jantar-Mantar, many members of the Bar were upset with the police’s attitude, who allege the wrongful arrest of Ashwini Upadhyaya in this case. The president of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Vikas Singh, Senior Advocate Sidharth Luthra, Advocate Pradeep Rai, also the vice president of Supreme Court Bar Association, Advocate Gopal Sankar Narayanan, AOR Ashwini Dubey represented Ashwini Upadhyaya before the court.

Reacting to media, Vikas Singh termed this arrest was wrongful. Neither he was present, nor incited the communal slogans then how he be arrested.

While, Ashwini Dubey who represented Upadhyay in the court said Police used its draconian powers to arrest him against which Upadhyay is fighting for. He (Upadhyay) has been fighting against the injustice with people in the country. He filled over 100 PILs, tirelessly working for people’s cause, judicial reforms etc. He is like a social reformer, how can someone treat like a terrorist without unjustified reason.

Police should have done investigation before his arrest, however, in this case the police didn’t do its homework before arresting him, therefore the court finds it unjustified and granted bail to him, Senior Advocate Pradeep Rai said.