Split the troubles not the Prosperity, urges Kathavachak Rajan ji Maharaj

MUMBAI: Kathavachak Rajan Ji Maharaj, on Thursday, in Kandivali Mumbai called upon the devotees to protect and spread the goodness of Sanatan Dharma. He asks people to light the Diya at home, nearby temples on the occasion of Pran Pratishtha (January 22, 2024) of the magnificent temple of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. The Sanatanis have waited over 500 years for this occasion to come and since this has come in our lifetime we must celebrate with full enthusiasm.

On the 9th days of the ongoing Shri Ram Katha, Rajan ji Maharaj said that our Dharma has never repressed anyone though it has always been encouraged to uphold the duties and ethos; however, there seems some drift against our Dharmas these days, some fractions of people have started terming this as ‘evil’ and it shouldn’t be go as it is.

Split the troubles not the prosperity, urges Maharaj ji to his followers. Taking the jibe on the existing structure of society where ‘respect and dignity’ of the people have almost left vacuum. He said only Sanatan Dharma can rescue one’s from the delusions that have surrounded the earth.

While, elaborating the role of Lord Hanuman ji from the reference of Sunder Kand of Ram Charitra Manasa, Maharaj ji said that character of Bajarang Bali has to be taken forward to showcase the power of Dharma that he (Bajrang Bali) shown in Lanka on his first visit in search of Mata Sita.