SHKEI to Facilitate Neuro Related Patients at Lowest Rate

NEW DELHI: SHKEI, a Delhi based neurological clinic has just begun the treatments related to brain and spines injuries, neuroinfectious, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy etc, on lowest rate in national capital region.

“Health systems need to be strengthened to deliver better care for people with neurological disorders,” recommending that neurological care be integrated into primary health care since for many people, primary care is the only access to medical treatment that they have and doctors can use low-technology interventions. Community-based rehabilitation is also an option, ‘Dr Manish added’.

According to United Nation Report, “Over 1 billion people, nearly one in fifth of the world’s population, suffer from neurological disorders, from Alzheimer and Parkinson disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to migraine, brain injuries and neuroinfectious”.  

The rate chart for brain surgery will be of Rs; 75000. However, Rs; 50000 can be the rate of spines surgery, as confirmed by SHKEI head, Dr. Manish Kumar, the main surgeon of the clinic. While speaking to the media, Dr Kumar states that the centre has the facilities of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) care also.

Looking at the charges of these diseases, going out of way from the common people, the SHKEI has decided to keep this as lowest as possible so that maximum needy patients can avail the services as far as these diseases are concerned. Dr Manish said.

Reasons for non-availability of care include inadequate health delivery systems, lack of trained personnel, absence of essential drugs and prevalence of traditional beliefs and practices. “In order to reduce the impact of neurological disorders, innovative approaches involving strong partnerships must be put in place,” said Dr. Manish,.