Serial Offender; SP leader ST Hasan Advocating for ‘Sharia Laws’, Blames BJP for Covid-19 Pandemic

NEW DELHI: Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan made a provocative statement saying that the deaths due to the Covid-19 outbreak are due to the BJP government at the centre has been altering with the Islamic Sharia law.

Hasan further’ said that the arrival of two cyclonic storms in a matter of 10 days, and the loss of thousands of lives due to the pandemic is a sign of the injustices done by the government during its rule. He also affronted the central government for legislating the Citizenship Amendment Act, alleging that the act was discriminatory against the Muslims, and hence the country is facing such difficulties.

“The BJP government in the last seven years have altered with the Islamic Sharia law. They have passed the Citizenship Amendment Act, which is against Muslims. When earthly beings commit injustice, the one who sits in heaven does the justice,” said Hasan

Have you ever seen in your life corpses of human beings being abandoned for dogs to feast on them? Were the dead bodies ever thrown in the rivers without giving them a proper funeral? For the first time, the wooden logs in the crematoriums have fallen short. What kind of government is this? Is it only for the rich? The poor have no right in the country?” he added further.

The same man had remarked earlier comparing actresses to prostitutes while defending actor Zaira Wasim’s decision to quit the film industry because it ‘interfered with her faith’.

He had hailed Triple Talaq as a better alternative to setting one’s cheating wife on fire. Hasan had said that if a man comes home and sees his wife with another man, then he will get angry. In that anger, it is better he gives her a triple talaq instead of killing her or burning her to death.