Private Coaching be Allowed to Run, Owners Demanded to CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

GWALIOR: Owners of the private coaching institutes meet Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and put forward their demand. The association also demands that they should be allowed to open the institutes with a limited capacity.

Teachers have expressed concern that they are not earning for last six months and it has become the questions of their survival too. The delegation also demanded that there should relief on certain services so that they can avail.

While, the CM assured all possible supports to institutions owners. Speaking to ‘The Garhwa Post’ the teacher’s associations raised questions on the intent of the administration that we are not getting support from them, rather being pushed back from opening of the same.

It the matter of our livelihood that must be protected at all cost. Ours right to live is at danger at this stage as we cannot earn and run of family this time. Hence, demanding the government to protect us along our family in the time of crisis.