Political Parties, Not Happy with Soon Ended Protest

LUCKNOW: On Sunday, a rampaging mob of ‘protesting farmers’ attacked BJP leaders and workers, resulting in the death of 8 people. The mob was so irate that they even lynched one car driver to death and another BJP worker whose video went viral. In the video, Shyam Sunder, a BJP worker was seen pleading for his life.

The ‘farmers’ were forcing him to confess that a BJP Minister had sent him to murder farmers but he refused to say so. The entire thing was captured on camera. Later he was found brutally murdered.

While politicians fomented trouble further, Rakesh Tikait, who was giving provocative statements trying to foment trouble, was suddenly seen with the Uttar Pradesh Police in a press conference where the police were announcing Rs 45 lac compensation for those killed in the violence, including the ‘farmers’ and the BJP leaders lynched by these farmers. During the press conference, the police had also said that peace will be maintained and the culprits brought to book.

While Lakhimpur Kheri could have burnt with ‘farmers’ going on a rampage and BJP indulging in retaliatory violence, UP police announced that it had made sure that politicians could not enter the area to create more trouble. With that, the situation was brought under control with Rakesh Tikait sitting through the press conference with the police.