Police Clampdown Jihadi Network, NIA Busted Nexus of Rohingya Muslim Traffickers

GUWAHATI: National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested four persons involved in illegal trafficking of Rohingya Muslims to India in Cachar district of Assam on Sunday. The arrest was made on the basis of information obtained by the agency after the arrest of 6 Rohingya traffickers last  Friday from Bengaluru.

A team of NIA with district police conducted raids in various places of Cachar district in southern Assam, bordering Bangladesh. The NIA team with the Cachar police raided various places on Saturday and Sunday and arrested 4 persons. The agency is not disclosing the details of the arrested persons.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested six people who were allegedly part of a syndicate involved in the illegal trafficking of Rohingya Muslims into Indian territory. The network had been operating in the border areas of Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya as well as other parts of the country.

NIA arrested the Kumkum racket with mastermind Kumkum Ahmed Chaudhury alias Ashiqul Ahmed in Bengaluru who trafficked Rohingya Muslims to India from Bangladesh and engaged them in jobs in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai with forged papers.”

NIA, on last Friday, arrested Ashiqul Ahmed alias Kumkum Ahmed Chaudhury from Bengaluru. He is the mastermind of a racket named “Kumkum Racket”. This racket facilitates Rohingya Muslims to enter Indian territory through Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and West Bengal borders.  After entering India, the racket also sends the Rohingya into different parts of India like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai etc and engaged them in various jobs, top-level Assam police sources informed.

In their investigation, the NIA found that Rohingya Muslims and those from Bangladesh illegally entered India via porous border passages in Assam, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, and West Bengal. They were also supplying forged Indian identification papers to evade detection, as alleged.

According to the NIA, Kumkum Ahmed Chaudhury was the mastermind behind the network and had been operating from Bengaluru. He belongs to Cachar in Assam. The agency arrested him along with Sahalam Laskar, Ahiya Ahmed Choudhury, Bapan Ahmed Choudhury, and Jamaluddin Ahmed Choudhury, also from Cachar. During the searches, the agency seized several digital devices which were used to make forged documents including voter IDs, PAN card, Aadhar Cards and others.