Pitch for Intellectual Donation kicks off; Dr. Birbal Jha

NEW DELHI: With the lockdown yet to be lifted from the education sector given the pandemic coronavirus, noted author Dr Birbal Jha is pitching for Intellectual Donation, an initiative for the cause of the deprived section of society under the aegis of British Lingua, an institute of communication skills. The movement for Intellectual Donation is to share with others the thoughts, ideas, wisdom for the welfare of an individual, entity or society.

Dr Jha, an eminent scholar with more 30 books to his credit, says ‘the intellectual society should come forward and shake hands with others to promote intellectual donation by way of a charitable contribution of their intellectual property, their expertise, thoughts, views and perspectives on varied subjects as an enabling factor for those who have not been able to get access to the wealth of knowledge and better livelihood.

The crusader Dr Jha popularly known as etymologist has coined the term- Intellectual Donation, giving a meaning, charitable sharing of the wealth of knowledge and expertise for the social cause of an individual, entity or society.

English being a window on the wealth of knowledge freely available on the sites, the candidates need to have a fair degree of understanding of the English language, for which British Lingua, thanks to the technological advancement, has made it easier and accessible to one and all with the slogan ‘English for all’. Notably, the English SIM (Structural-cum-Interactive Method) is as such that it covers all aspects of the English language– Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

While encouraging language-learners to have a firm of the grasp of the skills, Dr Jha is quoted saying as “just as swimming rules are not enough to be a swimmer, in the same way, grammar rules are not enough for those willing to speak English fluently.”

His social enterprise British Lingua, an institute of international repute for English Communication Skills, has been into training for around three decades with a range of courses from beginners to the advanced level, apart from customized ones. With its proven track record of training methodology, English SIM endorsed by scholars all across has proved to be very effective for the quick and easy grasp of the English language.

Remarkably, besides systemic lessons and instructions in English usage- how and where to use words and frame sentences naturally, intellectual group discussions, talks and discourses, whether the sessions are online or offline, are an integral part of the compressive curriculum developed by British Lingua which has produced rich study materials and publications.

With the launch of Online Live Classes, one can get connected to the virtual classrooms held by a team of trainers (24X7), irrespective of your geographical locations, remaining in the comfort zone of your house. Get cracking!