Peak of Covid-19 will arrive by August in Jharkhand; Experts

RANCHI: Experts of Microbiology on said the Covid-19 pandemic in Jharkhand will enter its peak by August and may slow down by December this year. They also have said that state would need to increase the testing capacity to check the peak, if it is not done, peak cannot be checked.

Speaking to the GP, Dr. Manish Kumar, a distinguished medical professional said “Until more people are tested, Jharkhand will not reach the peak of the infection and flattering of its curve, as it has been witnessed in other parts of the country, will not be seen in the state.

The parameter of declaring a patient curve have changed and the treatment period is reduced to a week from the earlier it was two weeks. It also follows the latest ICMR clinical management protocol which directed healthcare facilities to declare asymptomatic patients recovered soon after they tested negative.

On the effectiveness of TruNat machines in detecting the infection, Dr. Manish said “Installation of  machine is good step as it will help us in detecting more cases even in peripheral areas. The country had only 10 test labs for testing Covid-19 at peak time, so more testing machines and its facilitators to be brought in.