Parents-Teachers Meeting Held in MSA; Overall Development Was at the Centre

PALAMAU: Conducting effective parent-teacher conferences boost family involvement in the classroom and help to promote positive outcomes within the children. On Thursday, parents-teachers conference was held in the school to discuss the outcomes and challenges, arising out of scene, precisely during the (Covid-19) pandemic in which several participants were present to discuss the pro and cos.

It was first physical meet since 2020 where school management and parents come forward to discuss new approach for further developments of their children.

Highlighting the challenges and needs of the day for better future of the students, the Patron – in -Chief of the School, Shafique Ansari urges the parents to have extra-focus on the curriculum given to students. Apart from the courses, efforts must be made in having overall developments of the students, he added.

We should avoid sending the Junk-foods, regular checks of school notes book, diary etc., have to be a regular task of each parent that will help the students to grow and schools to priorities the needs, asks Sunita Prasad, the Principal of the school.

On this occasions, other teachers also expressed their desires to be fulfilled to achieve the larger goals of the society. Parents attended the conferences seem glad and appreciate the efforts made by the school management in this regard.

Sunita Devi, Haseena Bibi, Sangeeta Devi, Manoj Uraon, Pancham Paswan, Hemanti Devi, Afzal Shafique, Amresh Gupta, Abhay Kumar, Aniket, Priyanka, Gayatri and Khushboo amongst others were presents in the PTM.