Oxford-AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine Trial: Found Safe & Produced Massive Immune response; Data Reveals

NEW DELHI: According to the reports, the vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca in the UK showed it was “safe and well tolerated and immunogenic”, the vaccine according to Lancet also showed single dose elicited both “humoral and cellular responses against the virus”.

AstraZeneca’s experimental coronavirus vaccine was safe and produced an immune response in early-stage clinical trials in healthy volunteers, data revealed today.

“The Lancet medical journal” said the vaccine AZD1222 under development by AstraZeneca and scientists at Britain’s Oxford University did not prompt any serious side effects and elicited antibody and T-cell immune responses.

The research took groups with co-morbidities, health-care workers, and those with a higher risk for efficacy, safety and immunogenicity towards the virus given as single dose or two-dose administration regimen in further trials conducted in the UK and overseas.

Phase-3 trials are now underway in Brazil, South Africa, and the UK. According to reports, no serious adverse reactions to the virus occurred. The majority of adverse events reported were mild or moderate in severity.

The UK government had announced earlier that it would purchase 100 million doses of the vaccine developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca.