NACHA, an NRIs Platform in America, From Chhattisgarh Launched “CHHTTISKOSH”

United State: NRIs community belonging to Chhattisgarh have preserved its heritage and launched a dictionary named “CHHTTISKOSH” which aiming to protect and enhance the state’s heritage on global level. There will be a digital logs of the languages and words of Chhattisgarh which can be easily accessible through internet portal and app also. The dictionary shall contain over 170000 words, originated from the state, and the users.

The initiative to have its own dictionary is a pride for all people living across the globe, says Ganesh Kar, the Executive President of NACHA, which is an Indo-American platform, based in United State of America. The organization has over two thousand active members across the world. The NACHA, was founded in 2017, aiming to connect people with same sentiments having a pride for their nation on international platform.

Speaking to “The Garhwa Post”, Ganesh Kar said that organization will do whatever it could best suited for my countrymen where ever they are living. I am extremely delighted to announce the successful launch of the “CHHATISKOSH” which is going to be a gamechanger in future.

It is unfortunate that despite being 8th scheduled of the constitution, the same has not been added. However, we as organization will take necessary step to ensure this is added into the same in near future, Ganesh added.

He is of the opinion that the language is the key of development for anything – be it economic, social, educational etc. It is also the pride of the people living around the world. In globalization and in digital world, this should also be on the top so that people from all walks can check and contribute, if so.

Our vision to have those technologies/platforms available for Chhattisgarhi Language as well, by looking at the current status, we need to do many things to make our language meets the global standard, he added.

Ganesh Kar states that there is still around 1 crore population who cannot speak Chhattisgarhi Language, and it is a road blocker for them to get success in many places. This project will help all 3.2 crore of people who lives in Chhattisgarh and outside of Chhattisgarh.

The project will have two launchings outside of India which include the launching of the global dictionary, and the International Chhattisgarhi translation.