Mithilesh Thakur Orders Robust Improvement in PDS System; Ajay Upadhyay

GARHWA: Ajay Upadhyay, a social activist turn politician now has offered support to the weaker section of the society. Mr. Upadhyay is currently representing local MLA cum Minister for PWD, Government of Jharkhand on Public Distribution System (PDS) popularly known as (Ration) through which food grains are provided to the weaker section of the society by the government.

Adding to that he lauded the works done by the incumbent MLA cum Minister Mithilesh Thakur. The minister has instructed all its officials to ensure the delivering of rations to the needy family. He has also asked to have Zero tolerance on corruptions in the scheme.

Pointing out on the statistics of the numbers of issued cards Red, Green and White cards issued by the government and also urges people to give up, if you are capable enough to manage it.

The free ration distribution turned out to be a major issue in the recent time as the entire state is suffering with severe drought, while the district has already been declared as drought prone amongst the Jharkhand and the credit goes to Mithilesh Thakur, said Ajay Upadhyay.

He (Ajay Upadhyay), (45), once a rebel, unearth several corruptions in various departments including health, education, social welfare schemes in previous BJP government led by Raghubar Das.

On owing to his efforts, who exposed a scam on education got limelight that has exposed the nexus between politicians and bureaucrats, as the people have got government jobs without merits.

Highlighting the need of the hours, he said that we should all come together ensure the disadvantage people are given their due in all such schemes where government has enlisted this.