Mind your language; Read Through

Your verbal felicity holds much water. It runs deep. It works miracles. In other words, your selection of words in communications can enthrone you. At the same time, it can dethrone you as well. It means you may be overthrown or removed from your position or a social setting in case your statement is found to be legally incorrect. Add to that, you may draw flak if your message is found to be morally wrong. It is not that you have to be only grammatically correct. You need to be factually accurate too. Be socially acceptable too when it comes to expressing yourself.

 A slip of tongue demands an immediate utterance of saying sorry. So is the case with a slip of pen that seeks a corrigendum. Your misuse of words can land you in the soup whether it was used knowingly or unknowingly as ignorance is no excuse in the court of law. So, be particular about using terms and vocabulary. Let’s learn the interpretation of an expression in letter and spirit. Never forget to say, ‘I stand corrected’ or ‘I stand chastened’, ‘thank you’ on being corrected by someone.   

Mind you! A language empowers you. It pays you back. It places you on the right footing. It earns you a living. It enables you to roar like a lion. It can give you what you may be looking for or missing in life. It can shower you with a lot of love and respect. A word of love may heal even a deep wound. It can bestow upon you something that you may not have imagined in your life. Or it can unseat you in case there is an inappropriate use of words.

In your personal or professional life, language matters a lot. It paves the way for better bonding, growth and prosperity. It connects with you with ease. It may disconnect with you on the flip side.  You need to develop a sense of sincerity about language skills. Don’t ever use a language that gives you kicks momentarily. Bear in mind whether it hurts others; whether it offends others; whether it damages others; whether it defames others; whether it crosses the limit. You may reword your expression to be neutral or to effect a change for a positive vibe.    

In a recent development, reportedly, a mere wrong use of the word has had Mr Rahul Gandhi lose his parliamentary seat after being convicted in a defamation case wherein he purportedly inflicted a slur on a particular community. 

One thing is very clear that the law is supreme. You may be in a higher position. But then a law is above you. Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are in power or out of power, your diction is your identity. It denotes your personality.

You should refrain from accusing others without solid proof in a court of law. Resorting to libel, falsehood, slander or abusive words may boomerang on you. Never ever use such a language that may jeopardize your position or career whatsoever. 

Language- skilling is an art. It comes through practice and guidance in the subject. You may be required to go in for a tailored training proramme. A career whatsoever needs orientation. Today’s youth do need such a course in soft-skilling irrespective of their career choices.

Most of the corporate houses including media ones have such training modules wherein what is to be used and what is not to be used is taken care of. Hence, a style sheet! If an article is not properly worded, the copy editor will spike it. Let’s value words, their usage and training for the purpose.