Massive Crackdown on “Rohingya” in Uttar Pradesh, ATS Arrests Four More Now

LUCKNOW: As the state is gearing up for assembly election which is due for early month of next year 2022, the Uttar Pradesh police have been driving campaign against illegal Rohingya in the state. Following which, the UP police, on Friday have arrested four more Rohingya illegal immigrants from Meerut for running a sophisticated international human trafficking syndicate from inside the country.

Based on credible electronic information, the Uttar Pradesh ATS raided their residence on Friday to nab the human traffickers. During the raid, the police officials seized illegal voter ID cards, fake Aadhar cards, duplicate passports and equipment from the accused residence in Meerut. The Uttar Pradesh ATS has unearthed a massive Rohingya syndicate, which could have potentially been a massive national security threat to the country in the coming days.

According to the Uttar Pradesh police, four Rohingyas – Hafiz Shamiullah, Azizul Rahman, Mohammad Ismail and Mufizur Rahman were nabbed by the Uttar Pradesh ATS. The four Rohingya Muslims, illegal staying in India, were caught running a notorious human trafficking syndicate and helped other illegal Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar infiltrate India.

On subsequent arrest of Rohingyas from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police revealed that these four arrested accused indulged in human trafficking of fellow Rohingyas, especially young girls, on the pretext of bringing them to India. The police said that the accused helped Rohingyas settled in Bangladesh to cross over to India with the help of forged documents such as Voter Id, Aadhar card, passports etc.

The police have also said that the four accused charged money from fellow Rohingyas to bring them into India. In addition, the accused also got them employment in various parts of the country and took half of their salary as their share. The arrested Rohingya Muslim also helped innocent Rohingya women from Myanmar infiltrate inside India and later trafficked them to different parts of the world.

These accused also helped Rohingya Muslims to get Indian citizenship documents, said Uttar Pradesh police. They used cards given by UNHCR to apply for a work permit in the country and forged other documents sometimes to establish themselves as the legal citizens of the country, the Uttar Pradesh police added.

In a similar operation, the Uttar Pradesh police have arrested two more Rohingya Muslims from Aligarh on Thursday for living in India illegally for the past several years on forged documents.

As per the reports, the two Rohingya Muslims were also allegedly involved in gold smuggling. The accused were identified as Mohammad Rafiq and Mohammad Aameen.

A week ago, the Uttar Pradesh ATS arrested two Rohingyas named Noor Alam and Amir Husain living in Ghaziabad with forged papers last week. The duo was sent to a five-day remand to Lucknow where they made startling revelations during the interrogation.

It has come to light that a vendor operating from the Khajuri Khas area in Delhi had facilitated the illegal immigration of Rohingyas and settled them in Uttar Pradesh, as per the reports.