LN Singh Public School Gets Open, Admission Begins

“Education is not just about producing Doctors, Engineers etc. Not is it merely about teaching vocational or moneymaking skills. It is primarily about teaching what we are, and we ought to become. Rest will automatically fall in place” – M Nageswara Rao, Ex-CBI Director

LN Singh Public School, to create an environment where children can explore themselves and give the best; enabling them to strive and grow with pace in advancement in competitive world, and to set a trend of specialised and affordable education to the people of its surroundings.

“The School will have inspiring approach towards education leading to purposeful learnings… Honouring the pillars of society who contribute to nation-building with their distinct vision and perseverant endeavours.

The strong foundation is the key to a strong building. Strength and height of a building depending on the excellence of its pillars. Therefore, our four Pillars of Success make viable and conducive to its family.

Writing the stories of success, we at L.N. Singh Public School, are sincerely indebted to all its pillars that have laid the foundation of the school so inevitably which shall ensure the vision to match.”