Let’s live a life of elegance and dignity: Gauri Rani ‘Alka’

“Everybody, particularly women folk often look in a mirror as to how they look. In their looks, clothing matters a lot as they don’t want to compromise with their dresses. A selection of designer clothes not only enhances their appearance but also instils in them a great sense of confidence.”, says   Gauri Rani aka Alka who founded  Pastel India a few years back with the aim of catering for the modish clothing need of female folk of Indian society.

“Confining women to the veil system is the subject matter of history. With education spreading and women’s emancipation from the shackles of the hackneyed school of thought, they excel in every field of life. When it comes to wearing dresses of their choice, they want to look every inch chic; my role begins here to stand for their aspiration, particularly for their attire and dress sense.”, avers Alka.   

“There is no accounting for taste and moreover what clothes fit someone well may not necessarily go well with others.  The body constitution, colours, height and sight vary individual to individual, so does the designing.”, added the woman entrepreneur.   

“With the body measurement for suitability and fittingness being taken, we at Pastel India give a consideration to other aspects of how one can look awesome and can have a feeling of wow. Who does want to be a wow in today’s era?”, quizzed  Alka with her professional commitment.

In her concluding remarks, she said, “The English saying goes well “A woman is young as long as she looks”.  Thus it depends on a female individual how she wants to portray herself. Grooming one’s outer personality and looks in line with one’s thought process is the objective of Pastel India where a woman can redesign her looks through her appearance and lead a life of elegance and dignity”.