Let’s doff our hats to the engineering community with salutes of 1000 cannons: Dr Birbal Jha

NEW DELHI: “If a doctor, next to God saves us from dying, an engineer clears the way for a good living with facilities galore. If a scientist invents something, an engineer for the cause of living beings, scales up everything. A doctor is acknowledged to be well-versed in the scientific study of the human body and how its parts are arranged, how it functions and how to check and restore to health from any illness, whereas an engineer gives shape to any machines or instruments and ensures that they function well for the ease of human living”, said Dr Birbal Jha, top- ranked self-help author on the occasion of Engineer’s Day that was held at British Lingua, an institute of international repute for English communication Skills.

“Whether it is technology, medical equipment, transportation, aviation, lifestyle or any engineering for that matter, an engineer has a great say everywhere in the modern era. Such a professional plays a crucial role in every product, every gadget, and every system used in our daily life. For example, houses, bridges, roads, cars, phones, computers, aircraft – all are designed, made and produced by our great engineers.”, added Dr Birbal Jha, who has recently bagged the Global Skills Trainer Award.

Acknowledging the social contributions of engineers, the youngest Living Legend of Mithila, Dr Birbal Jha added, “It is all down to an engineer who ensures the smooth functioning and running of everything from computer systems to traffic lights we come across in our daily life. It is they who directly contribute to the well-being of society.”

“Notably, engineers are at the forefront of technological advancement, designing new machines and algorithms to help tackle societal problems and nagging issues. These engineering innovations go on to make our lives easier, more comfortable, or more productive. Creative solutions to everyday problems are often at the heart of engineering”, further averred Dr Birbal Jha, known for his social engineering through English skilling and creative writing in India.

While expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the engineering community, Dr Birbal Jha went on to say, “Whether, it is agriculture, delivery of education, rendering services to the common man, production of scientific types of equipment or industrial machinery, everything has become easier, thanks  to an engineer who makes everything accessible and possible and the world as a global village.”

In his concluding remarks, the social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha said, “The role of engineers can’t be gainsaid; it is thanks to their studies and efforts, the modern society has become a livable one, making human beings above beasts and brutes. Hence, let’s doff our hats to the engineering community with salutes of 1000 cannons. “