Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ initiative got massive success on its First Launch

NEW DELHI: Ex-MLA of Delhi legislative assembly and BJP leader Kapil Mishra introduced a new platform for Hindus against its propaganda by a selective group in the country and abroad supporting the leftists and islamists. The ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ means to support people fighting for cause, dharma, on ground, social platforms and even in the court of law as and when needed.

The ecosystem will also fight against fake narration for Hinduism in the country these days. A section of media has been consistently working to root out or malign the Hinduism for a long time, however after Modi government re-elected in 2019, the elements have gone crazy.

Following Last week, Kapil Mishra started its first initiative to “clean temples abhiyaan” in the country wherever people are. Subsequently, the million Hindus have proved it and they are posting photos with clean Temple programme. The entire social media platforms including twitter, facebook, youtube, independent news organisations are full of photos and videos today.

In order to malign it, the leftists, Islamists and Christianity have joined hand together and trying to create a ruckus in the country. They are also attempting to have a falsehood against the Hindus and Hinduism in particular.

The country has been run by a fake secular government and has always ignored the interest of Hindus in India and its deep-rooted heritage. To substantiate that Exodus of Hindus from Kashmir valley is evident of that. Also, the Hindus community has been in minority in eight Indian states should also be seen the same context.

In several parts of the country the Hindus are being lynched and there is no monetary assistance provided to them and even mainstream medias have also ignored these. When, it comes to other communities, the politicians, media started lot of hue and cry.