Jharkhand wasted highest at 37.3% Covid-19 Vaccine, Chhattisgarh got Second with 30.2% wastage

NEW DELHI: As per health officials data, Jharkhand has recorded highest number of Covid-19 vaccine wastage, nearly 37.3 percent. Tamil Nadu recorded wastage of vaccines at 15.5%, Jammu & Kashmir at 10.8% and Madhya Pradesh at 10.7%. These states have recorded vaccine wastage way higher than national average of 6.3%.

Few weeks ago, Haryana topped the list of wasting vaccines at 6% for Covishield and 10% for Covaxin. However, state Additional Chief Secretary said that the state has brought it down to 3.1% and 2.4% respectively. Wastage Multiplication Factor (WMF) is taken into consideration while planning the vaccination programme.

As per Ministry of Health’s guideline, WMF = Wastage Multiplication Factor = 1.11 for COVID-19 vaccine, assuming an allowable programmatic wastage of 10% [WMF = 100/(100 – wastage) = 100/(100-10) = 100/90 = 1.11]

The COVID-19 vaccines are supplied in a 10-dose multi-dose vials. Chances are that some bottles may be broken while being administered. Also, if a 10-dose pack is opened and not all doses are used, the remaining go waste. This has been one of the biggest contributing factors in vaccine wastage.

Furthermore, the vaccines should also be stored at a particular temperature. Failure to comply can result in wastage of vaccines. Pilferage and theft can also not be ruled out. Another way the vaccines may be wasted is contamination.