Jharkhand: Government Brings Ordinance to Curb Virus in the State

RANCHI: The Cabinet approved the Jharkhand Contagious Disease Ordinance 2020 under which those who flout the guidelines, implemented to curb the spread of the infection, can face up to two years of jail term and a fine of up to Rs one lakh.

Anyone violating social distancing, not wearing masks in public, flouting guidelines for offices and shops crowd, spitting in public can be booked under the new law. Till now there was no law regarding this.

On bringing the ordinance, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that there is a provision in the law and sometimes there is a need for strict action from time to time, that is why the government has taken this decision.

The state Cabinet Secretary Ajay Kumar said that guidelines are being implemented from time to time by the government regarding the lockdown. It is seen that people are negligent in its compliance, but the government is unable to take strict action as there is no Act to punish those who disobey the rules.