Javed Beigh gets abusive messages and threats from Islamists

NEW DELHI: Javed Beigh, a Nationalist Muslim face from valley is being targeted by Islamists, after he exposes the nexus between terrorists and politicians there at valley then and now. He came into the limelight of national media after an interview clip surfaces over the social platforms; where 39 years young Muslim man publicly tendered apology to the victims of Kashmiri Hindus, who suffered a lot in 1990s and so on.

Javed Beigh also urges community to recognize the mistakes and apology to the Kashmiri Hindus. His appeal sparks massive responses from all sides, the Hindus community has lauded his honest approach towards his gesture, while, the Islamists are threating and sending him abusive messages to him via social media i.e., twitter and facebook.

On Thursday, he posted a series of threads on twitter showing the hollowness of the community in which a person name Sajad Kashmiri is abusing with intimidation. Subsequently, the intimidation continues, and Javed Beigh posted threads again; it seems same person is abusing for being exposed by him.

Netizens have created a huge outrages and asked the security officials to protect Beigh and his family, residing in the valley. User named Amana Begum Ansari tagged PMO, HMO and J&K police for necessary action.