Indian-American diaspora launches online services for Covid-19 patients in India

Indian diaspora in America has launched an initiative to support their countrymen living in India, facing unprecedented challenges due to coronavirus 2nd wave. Following which, the diaspora launches an online portal and Mobile App named ‘Blood4us’ through which plasma donation can be streamlined. The portal will help to track donors and recipients on real-time basis in seamless manner.

The application was developed by Tijendra Sahu based in Chicago, who hails from Chhattisgarh.

Ganesh Kar, CEO of blood4us, reacted on the lunch of the initiative and said, “getting calls/messages from across country to arrange donors, we are seating outside the country felt helpless here – therefore, decided to put a system in place to help needy in my country.

Considering the urgency, we hired four people working tirelessly 24*7 to arrange donors, blood bank through technology, sometimes we also motivate people for the same, he added.

Also, the website will allow visitors be it – donors and recipients to enrol themselves and can connect for their causes without any third party intervention. As on date over 8000 donors and around 1000 patients have already registered on bood4us portal, Ganesh Kar said.

Apart from the tech driven initiatives, the organisation has also released a contact number + 91-9301492691, to which needy can dial a register a ticket for the same.