Imran Riaz Khan Killed By Pak Security Agency

ISLAMABAD: Imran Riaz, a well-known TV anchor and YouTuber, was among the thousands of Imran Khan supporters who were detained following the former premier’s arrest and violent protests in Pakistan earlier this month.

The journalist was reportedly taken into custody from the airport at the eastern city of Sialkot on May 11th on suspicion of inciting violence. He was due to appear before the court in Lahore last Monday. Then, the story took an unusual turn — authorities failed to present Riaz during the hearing. Punjab police chief Usman Anwar told the court he was “clueless” about his whereabouts.

As per the recent report by RSF, one of the world’s renowned organizations that works for Journalist globally, confirmed that Imran Riaz Khan is killed by the Pakistani agencies due to their internal fight.

Daniel from RSF while speaking to another Pakistan’s journalist named Wajahat Saeed Khan, who lives in New York these days, alleged that security agencies of Pakistan have fight within, due to which Iram Riaz was collapsed consequently.

He went on to say that there is a rift going on between Pakistan security agencies. Daniel while conversation said that current COAS of Pak Army has still not been acceptable to a section of Pak military establishment.