Ghanta Ghar Row; BJP, JMM skirmishes each other

GARHWA: The big bang begins, following the announcement that district will have its Ghanta Ghar to which construction work was also begun, however, local BJP leaders stopped it, contending so many loopholes in the process which were obtained in building it.  

The erection started few days ago after Bhumi Pujan was performed on Thursday by local MLA Mithilesh Thakur, who also is the minister of Drinking water and sanitation in Hemant Soren government.

Om Prakash Keshri, BJP’s district president, alleged that necessary processes were not followed, permission was not taken. And entire things have happened in hurry unnecessarily. Minister is using his father’s name for it which is illegal as he was working in forest department, not a freedom fighter.

The Park has been revamped recently by Nagar Parishad with the cost over 40 lakhs, and now minister has wrecked it just because of his ego. However, in democracy there must not be any place of egotism and all walks of people should be equally treated, Mr. Keshri added.

He also asserted, “I am in favour of any developmental works, but not on the cost of public money. The public money to be used for public welfare only, if someone wants to satisfy self, can use his pocket money. If construction does not stop, we may file a suit in the court to stop the misappropriation of public money” he emphasis.

While, JMM trashes all the allegations levied against them, and says BJP has no right to question the developmental works going in the district. Dheeraj Dubey, JMM spokesperson reacts its nothing, but political scoring done by BJP.

They (BJP) are frustrated after seeing the enormous development projects being run in current regime. People wanted to have some historic tombstones in the district which minister Mithilesh Thakur tried to fulfill it. The construction has not stopped, and will continue to move on as it is, Mr. Dubey stated.

On being asked on certain permission was not taken before commencing the construction of ‘Ghanta Ghar’, Dheeraj stated that we have followed all norms before proceeding with, necessary permission was taken already by the authority in February 2021, however, there might be internal rift within BJP, as chairman of Nagar Parishad is from BJP, who earlier allowed it. She might be denying on owing to internal pressure, JMM Spokesperson alleges’.

Here is the points stopping works will not serve the purpose – as damage to the establishment is done already, erection of ‘Ghanta Ghar’ started to be ended with mutual consultation with all stakeholders.