“Gandhi” was Rapist, say Khalistanis, After Vandalising his Statue in America

NEW DELHI: The Pro-Khalistani elements in the US under the pretext of protesting against the farm laws in India vandalised a statue of Mahatma Gandhi situated in Washington DC. The Pro-Khalistani elements desecrated Gandhi’s statue by putting up Khalistani flags on his bust that is located in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington.

Mansimran Singh, one of the coordinators of the demonstration in solidarity with the alleged farmers protest in India defended the vandalism of Gandhi’s statue. According to Singh, Gandhi was a symbol of British colonialism and added that his statues need to be taken down as he was rapist, complacent to slavery.

The Khalistani supporters not only vandalised Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian Embassy but also abused by referring to him as a rapist and the one who was complacent to slavery. One of the protestors even went on to say that Gandhi was less than a decent human being.

They were also drawing a comparison between Gandhi and the confederates who fought against the United States of America during the American Civil War, said, “In America, all confederate statues were vandalised and now they have been taken down. The people rose and said something that we discredit previous figures who were rapists, slave owners and also complacent to rapists and slavery. So was Gandhi”.