English Communication Skills Is Need of Hour: Mahima Thareja

Is there anyone who can deny the import of personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with others in a day-to-day conversation? Certainly not! Plus, I hold that nobody can think even negative about it. It is a common perception that soft skills are essential skills in today’s corporate world. That is indisputably true. Moreover, the technological world of the day necessitates us to be well-equipped with soft skills that include English communication skills, ‘said Mahima Thareja‘ one of the aspirants British Lingua (BL), which teaches to enhance your speaking skills.

Mahima Thareja, is of the view that ‘I am here to share the recent experiences that I have had at British Lingua, an institute of international repute. It was, in fact, the month of March 2021 when I felt the compelling need to learn English for better career prospects and lifestyles’.

To do a course in the subject, I began to Google the institutes offering classes for the same. I was immensely confused with the plethora of advertisements all around talking tall. However, one of my cousins who had taken a full course at British Lingua shared with me his wonderful experiences and recommended that I should enrol here. She added.

Accompanied by my father I walked into British Lingua when an English session was underway. I had a hands-on experience of listening to other trainees speaking fluent English on the campus. This bolstered my confidence in what my cousin had said. Further, I had an opportunity to see and interact with Dr Birbal Jha, who instilled in me a sense of assurance and positivity.

Losing no moment, I enrolled for the Basic to Advanced course following the enrolment process. My English training session began to be held from the next day. Every class was so engaging and important to me that I remained glued to it. What attracted me most is the training methodology- English SIM standing for Structural-cum- Interactive method that BL has evolved. The one and a half-hour session with a weekly off on Sunday is neither long nor short in my view.

I found the trainer completely devoted to teaching the nitty-gritty of functional Grammar, giving a clear concept of framing sentences following language patterns in the first of the session, whereas in the second half is known as an ‘Interactive Session’ where a lot of interactions, conversations like group discussions, speech-making, debates and language activities are held.

All these help in enhancing oral as well as written English communication skills, building up confidence. The most startling thing that I have been able to notice is participants’ improvement in thought processes and intellectual values, besides their English language skills.

I’ve been very happy to hear every word from the trainer who always adopted a tricky approach to help us improve word power. Peer learning received an emphasis throughout the course. My first experience of learning the English language with Dr Birbal Jha at British Lingua has been very so satisfying and encouraging that I cannot ever forget the trainer and the institution alike.

Now I consider myself as the luckiest one to have grabbed the golden opportunity to be good at English communication skills. I cannot ever forget the proverb like ‘Early bird catches the worm’ that I learnt and had a great deal of discussion on it in class. One gets transported to a Mini England while learning English proverbs, idioms and phrases.

I had joined the BL just to improve my conversational skills but I got more than that. I had never thought of having a leadership skill that I can boast of, now, thanks to British Lingua which initially provided me with offline classes and later an online platform to change myself from a shy girl to a bold girl, she added further.

Reacting to ‘The Garhwa Post’, Dr. Birbal Jha, the director of the institution, said that our moto is to develop the intrapersonal skills within the heart and minds of the students joining British Lingua. We are fully committed for our students over all developments, including English communication skills, knowledge sharing, character building etc.,