Dr Birbal Jha Ranked top Social Entrepreneur in Bihar 

NEW DELHI: Driven by the idea of taking advantage of English skills to the lowest strata of society, Dr Birbal Jha, who set up British Lingua, a social enterprise in 1993 in Patna, is ranked the top social entrepreneur in Bihar, as Dutch Uncle reports in its publication.

Grounded in fact is that Dr Birbal Jha has been unstintingly working for the cause of uplifting the downtrodden communities in India under his social engineering plan. Thanks to his efforts, more than 36,000 youths from the poorest of the poor in Indian society have been able to get their fair share, gaining English communication skills for free. 

 Added to that, Dr Jha has a proven track record of ameliorating the lifestyles of millions from the unprivileged section of society through English skills training that offers a window on the world in terms of education and opportunities.

 “Dr Birbal Jha is the first ever person from north Bihar’s Mithilanchal region to have connected 40 million of Maithili-speaking people through his cultural flagship programme, Save the Paag campaign.’, adds the report. In recognition, postal stamp was issued on paag by the central government in 2017.

“English education is a potent weapon that gives one the confidence to roar and soar in life, especially in the Indian social setting. Three decades ago, I resolved to help youth improve their English communication abilities and, as a result, their lifestyles. Today, I am happy about my trainees doing well and having a better lifestyle.”, said Dr Birbal, social entrepreneur and celeb author.

Dr Birbal Jha, already ranked among the top 20 self-help author celebrities in the world, is the Mithila’s Youngest Living Legend. All the more so, he’s accredited with having created a revolution in English skills training in India with the slogan ‘English for all’ . Today he’s internationally recognised as a youth icon with accolades galore.