Delhi Based NGO (Jeevan Tak Foundation), Making a Difference

NEW DELHI: Recently, team has started searching people and organizations that make a difference by giving back to humankind. One name kept coming up, Puneet Ojha. And, If you want to meet someone who gives back, talk to Puneet.” 

Puneet Ojha, 29 years old young, an unassuming, understated man with a kind, serious demeanour, comfortably discussed his passions. What I thought might take an hour or so took two. That is how interesting his story is. “When I graduated from the college, thought to join Job, but that didn’t attract me a lot hence I decided to look other ways around. There’s more I want to do.”

He researched and learned of a simple environment purification system using planation at roofs, road, public gathering places that would help to reduce the pollution and keep the temperature down in dense cities, particularly the Metro cities.

A friend of mine told me to work for environment in March 2018, subsequently I followed and worked with him for over a year, however, it did not influence me as a job seeker. Of course, I found something more interesting to carry on the social works for the people from all walks of lives regardless of their caste, creed, gender, religion etc.

I tend to serve the people across communities without asking any question. Recently, I was contacted by a UP based Brahmin family, whose economic condition is woeful, and he asked for the support as his father is no more and he left three daughters behind. So, he needs support to manage the bread and butter for the family and then to have their marriage to be done.

The reason to quote this story here is – to tell the world that humanity is paramount and it should be for all. As we keep hearing bad news from societies this and that. Humankind has to deliver its duty first then to ask questions and then intent to which it looks like. And I prefer humanity first over other laying points scoring.