Counting of Votes Begins for Byelections in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram

GUWAHATI: Counting of votes for byelections in five Assam legislative assembly constituencies along with three assembly seats in Meghalaya and one in Mizoram begins from 8 am and the outcome is expected by noon as EVMs were used in the electoral processes and the result will be available at ECI website.

The election authority informed that no victory procession after counting would be allowed and only two persons will be permitted to accompany the winning candidate (or his/her authorized representative) to receive the certificate. Necessary precautions are made in view of the Covid-19 restrictions across the country.

Assam’s chief electoral officer Nitin Khade reviewed the fool-proof counting arrangements with district electoral officers and expressed satisfaction about the preparations. He directed that all laid down instructions of the Election Commission must be adhered to and the counting halls would be fully corona-guidelines compliant.

“Fool-proof security measures are taken to ensure smooth conduct of the counting process. Three-layer security arrangements are made in the counting locations. Special security arrangements are made in between the strong room and counting hall, so that no untoward incidents may occur,” said the statement.

Altogether 18 counting halls are readied for the purpose in Assam, where arrangements of 98 counting tables are made. The authority designated 5 ROs and 28 AROs for the purposes of counting. Al total 141 counting supervisors, 150 counting assistants and 140 micro-observers are being engaged to smoothly perform the task of counting.

Assam recorded over 73 percent polling in a peaceful ambience, whereas Meghalaya and Mizoram witnessed over 80 % voters’ turnout on 30 October polls. Rajabala assembly constituency in Meghalaya recorded 90.63% polling, were Mawryngneng reported 78.06% and Mawphlang 82.34% polling.

Turial assembly constituency in Mizoram also showcased an impressive turnout of voters (over 81 percent). The scheduled byelections in Nagaland was evaded as the National Democratic Progressive Party candidate was declared a winner unopposed from Shamtorr-Chessor assembly seat.