Community Architect Sitanand Jha passes away at 88, creating a void and ripples of shocks all across

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, Sitanand Jha, known as Community Architect of the village Sijoul where he was born to Mr and Mrs Shobha Kant Jha on 4th January 1934, the year Bihar- Nepal witnessed the high intensity of an earthquake is no more in flesh and blood but his works and good deeds are there to live by. Villagers sing his praises, holding his deeds in high esteem. In a true sense, he was more than a human being.

Sowing the seeds of education in the village, he wanted to ensure that every child should go to school that is a ladder to social change and individual growth. Throughout his life he struggled to work for the making of an ideal village where the interest of every individual was safeguarded, prosperity was ensured. He always goaded youth to follow the righteous path.

When it came to inculcating moral values into the minds of children, he was very strict though he was soft at heart. He worked towards individual economic freedom. His name in the annals of the making of modern Sijoul will be well recorded in golden letters and he will also be a source of inspiration to all, even the generation to come. He was a man of ideals and moral ethos. One of the chief qualities that he had, included arranging weddings as a social responsibility!

Being a devotee of Lord Ram, he enchanted couplets from the Ramayana very religiously. He played a very instrumental role in the installation of Lord Rama Idol and making a temple for the same in the village where devotees throng.

Leaving behind a vast family to mourn his death, on 22 April 2021, he breathed his last on the bank of the Yamuna, New Delhi where he had been staying with sons at the last leg of life. He is survived by his wife Bachi Devi, eldest Son Shiv Chandra Jha, middle one Umesh Chandra and the youngest one Binay Chandra Jha and three daughters Indu, Poonam and Sanju Jha.