Author Sandeep Deo Files Criminal Complaint Against RSS Chief

NEW DELHI: Sandeep Deo, an author and journalist, who wrote several books on history and its references, has filed a criminal complaint against RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, and two editors of its mouthpieces Panchajanya editor Praful Ketkar and Organiser editor Hitesh Shankar for allegedly outraging Hindu sentiments.

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, who had claimed, in an interview that Hindu civilization has historically acknowledged the homosexuality. While, pitching his instance Dr. Bhagwat gives reference from the Mahabharata.

“Jarasandha had two generals—Hans and Dimbhak. Because the two were having close complicity, Krishna spread the rumour that Dimbhaka had died, prompting Hans to commit suicide. Just like that, he killed two generals…What exactly was it? It’s all the same. They both had such relationships. Humans already have this type. It has existed since the dawn of time. As a veterinary doctor, I am aware that this type exists in animals as well. It is biological in nature. However, there is a lot of talk about it. They, too, must survive. They are of a different breed. According to him, they should also receive a separate private space and feel a sense of belonging to the entire society. It’s really quite simple.” 

In this complaint, Bhagwat’s recent interview with the two RSS mouthpieces endorsed and associated homosexuality with Hindu religious figures. Bhagwat has also been accused of making inflammatory remarks against Lord Krishna. Deo also says that his feelings and that of many Hindus were “hurt from such kind of unauthorized & disrespecting misrepresentation from scripture just to gain few followers.

The complainant has also asked for a “written apology” from Bhagwat and the editors of its two affiliated news outlets and pledged the statements be “removed across all platforms.”