Author and SC Advocate J Sai Deepak gets Abused by Gender Studies Cell of St. Stephen’s College

NEW DELHI: Author and Supreme Court lawyer J Sai Deepak alleges that Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College’s Gender Studies Cell has ‘vehemently opposed’ the invitation extended to him by the college’s leadership cell to speak about his new book, India that is Bharat – Coloniality, Civilization, and Constitution.

“J Sai Deepak, a substantial voice in Indian affairs. In fact, owing to his public positions on the Citizenship Amendment Act, Article 370 and on illegal migration, Jamia Millia Islamia had also in 2020 cancelled J Sai Deepak’s lecture which was to be conducted on ‘Minority rights'”.

It is also worthy to note that Jamia Millia Islamia was at the heart of the anti-CAA protests that turned violent in November with Islamists joining in and indulging in unbridled stone-pelting, arson and vandalism. Ironically, the ‘protests’ were launched in the name of defending Constitutional values.

In a series of Tweet thread, the advocate J Sai Deepak shared screenshots of the despicable post written by the students of the Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen’s College against him, while opposing the invitation extended to him by another department of the same college.

He Tweeted, “Free speech. Diversity of ideas. Toleration. Inclusion. Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen’s College. Vande Mataram,” while sharing the screenshots of the post shared by students of the Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen’s College.

In the statement, the students of the Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen’s College used reprehensible terms like ‘bigoted’, ‘sexist’, ‘casteist’ and ‘misogynistic’ for the senior SC lawyer while opposing the invite.

The students of the Gender Studies cell department went on to call J Sai Deepak Islamophobic for his public opinion on the recent Burqa row that snowballed into a major controversy, largely due to the perennial efforts of the left-liberal intelligentsia to create a fear psychosis in the minds of Muslims, painting a dystopian picture about the current state of affairs and painting the centre as working against the Muslims.

Interestingly, instead of holding recalcitrant Muslim girls who are bent on visiting colleges and schools in burqas, in violation of established rules and regulations, the liberals have blamed college authorities and administration for the current imbroglio, alleging that Muslim girls being denied entry to institutions is a part of a sinister plan of the government to target Muslims.

Moreover, J Sai Deepak’s public positions on the Sabarimala verdict, Citizenship Amendment Act and Article 370, some students of St Stephens College “condemned the invitation, called for a cancellation of his lecture and a boycott in case the event is still continued with”.