Associated Press Journalists Sipped Coffee with Hamas Terrorists in Al Jalaa Tower; IDF Claims

The world was stunned when Israel security forces destroyed the Al Jalaa Tower on May 15 following the counter operation with Hamas terrorists. The same building had several International media houses offices including Al Jazeera and Associate Press (AP).

In a sensation disclosure, an Israel Defence Forces officers have revealed that Gaza-based journalists of the Associated Press had connections with Hamas terrorists, as they sipping morning coffee with each other in the building to which the Israel Defense Forces bombed during their counter-terror operations in Gaza, reports Times of Israel.

Israel military also said that Al Jalaa tower, was home to a Hamas intelligence unit that operated several advanced electronic warfare devices meant to interfere with the military’s GPS reception, potentially affecting guided IDF weapons etc.

However, Associated Press (AP) has dismissed the allegation, claiming it as “patently false” and added there was not even a cafeteria in the building.

AP said Kohavi’s comments were clearly untrue. In a statement Saturday night, the news agency said, “This baseless allegation attributed to the Israeli military’s chief of staff is patently false. There was not even a cafeteria in the building. Such baseless claims jeopardize the safety of AP journalists.”