Arun Koshal takes charge as Head of Human Resource for Indigo Airlines

NEW DELHI: In 2023, significant industry shifts were witnessed as HR leaders transitioned to larger corporations or embraced more prominent positions, introducing novel viewpoints and inventive methods. These strategic appointments carry the potential to redefine talent acquisition, workforce dynamics, and overall company ethos.

By aligning HR strategies with corporate goals, these transitions promote enhancements in employee engagement, retention, and flexibility. Essentially, these HR movements play a crucial role in cultivating a motivated and efficient workforce, thereby bolstering organizations’ sustained growth and competitive edge. Thus, here is a compilation of the most influential HR movements of 2023, reshaping the industry landscape.

InterGlobe Aviation Limited (Indigo), has appointed Arun Koshal as Director – Shard Services in September 2023, who to oversees all aspects of Shared Services division, including payroll and compliances services as well. He has now been switching on driving strategic and transformational changes while closely working with the leadership, organisation’s diverse cross – functional team and other external stakeholders of Indigo.

This includes managing overall people operations, employee wellbeing, and culture building, with a focus on providing a tech-driven employee experience and enhancing the talent value proposition. Before joining InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, Arun Koshal was part of Western Digital that scaled the company back-to-back years of steeping growth.

While had the conversation with Indigo’s newly appointed Human Resources Director. He touched upon several aspects of the organization. It means transforming traditional HR processes using the latest technology. Digital HR uses cloud and software as a service (SaaS) to automate HR processes and workflows. Cloud is revolutionising HR, streamlining HR processes and allowing HR and People teams to focus on people.